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A Dip in Design: Staging the Chobani Meze Home

As professional stagers, the vast majority of our work entails furnishing apartments and homes that are for sale or for rent. But when we were contacted about an opportunity to design a Chelsea townhouse for a series of Chobani events focused on healthy snacking, our curiosity (and appetites) were piqued. Our mission? Design a modern home with warm rustic and Mediterranean […]

Re: Our Visionary CEO, Gail Dunnett

Some people see a need for a service long before the masses understand its value. It was that way for our founder and CEO, Gail Dunnett. Check out SF Gate’s interview with our visionary leader: Lifelong Designer Creates Spaces That Sell Here’s one of my favorite quotes: “Putting a home on the market that isn’t staged or […]

Winner Winner!

Hey, so remember that last blog we wrote where we were all excited about being nominated as one of the Top 10 Staging Teams of the Year?  Flash forward to today, and turns out….we won! That’s right, you are currently visiting the website of the Best Staging Team of 2015 (as chosen by the judges at RESACON2016, […]

Top 10 Staging Team of 2015 #Humblebrag

When you work as a stager and interior designer, reimagining spaces as we do, it’s all about the before and afters.  We stage every apartment with the desire, really the need, to make that home our best staging yet. Then, it’s on to the next one. We evolve and grow with every space we stage, learning from […]

Curbed has us ROTFL

Listen, in general we are all about staying positive at studio D. No apartment or house is perfect, and our job is to help mask a home’s weak spots by playing to its strengths. But sometimes the staging don’ts are as important as the staging dos, and this week Curbed’s Laura Euler gave us some seriously funny […]

Inside 146 Waverly Place

You know that saying a picture is worth a thousand words? Well then this video tour of 146 Waverly (staged by studio D) is worth like a trillion. Take a look, and try not to drool…too much.

All About That Pop of Black

Everyone knows that a little bit of ROYGBIV goes a long way in an all-neutral room. But we are also big believers in the power of pitch black. Whether it’s a single stroke across an all-white canvas or the asymmetrical coloring in a cowhide, black has a way of demanding our attention. It creates instant drama and, […]

Staging a Record-Breaking Townhouse

This summer has been a blur of beautiful brownstone stagings for studio D, and we’ve loved every minute of it. But 16 East 10th was an especially epic project, because, well…it’s an especially epic house. The 25-foot townhouse boasts an indoor lap pool, jacuzzi, wine cellar, an elevator that goes from the cellar level all the way to […]

Why It Pays to Stage

For many people, the concept of paying a big chunk of money to redo a home that they’re trying to move out of…just doesn’t seem very intuitive.  And we get it. Undoubtedly, it’s a big investment, and it can feel risky investing more money in a home you’ve decided to sell. But the results don’t lie, and […]

5 Tips for Designing Your Home for Sale

Preparing to list your home can be a daunting task in this competitive market, but stagers like studio D are here to help. 1. Plan your layout  Be intentional and creative with the way you use your square footage. Arrange furniture in a way that allows for a natural flow of movement between rooms while […]